Monday, 16 September 2019

Southdowns Festival
For the set for this Sat we'll use the one we did at Littlehampton, I think it contains all the ones we feel are currently our easiest and strongest ones.
So the list will be:

Sweet Ladies
Roll the Old Chariot
Rollin Down
Littlehampton Colliers
John Kanaka
The Bonny Ship the Diamond
Here's a Health
It's Time to Go Now

We're singing in the South Precinct, 1.30pm til 2.15pm so lets gather there a bit after 2.

Sunday, 8 September 2019

The next event is the Worthing Light Festival. We will be performing from 2:30pm on Saturday 14th September. The aim is to meet up at Splash Point at 2:15pm. We will decide on the songs/shanties prior to our performance.

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Newhaven Maritime Festival

Newhaven Maritime Festival
A great day at Newhaven Maritime Festival supporting the Shanty Workshop provided by Emily Longhurst at the RNLI Headquarters in Newhaven. The day started with a 3 hour workshop for 50 participants learning 6 sea songs and shanties. The roaring sounds of the songs echoed across Newhaven Harbour. In the afternoon the session started with the workshop participants being joined with further members of the Secret Shore group going through all the songs from the morning session. Afterwards the Secret Shore provided a further set of songs/shanties to finish off the afternoon. A great time had by all.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Newhaven Maritime Festival

Newhaven Maritime Festival
Saturday 31st August

On Saturday 31st August Secret Shore Singers will be providing support to  Shanty Workshop run by Emily Longhurst at the RNLI Building, Riverside S, Newhaven between 10am and 10pm. The workshop will be teaching songs already know to the group

Following the Secret Shore will be performing at 2pm outside of the RNLI Building if the weather is good or inside of Meeching Hall BN9 9QQ) from 2:30pm if not. The intention is to meet up at the RNLI Building at 1:50pm and head to whichever location is best suited for the weather. Those workshop participants will be invited to sing with us during the performance
Songs for the performed will be chosen from the set list used for Littlehampton and Arundel.

Parking: Here is some info from Rhoda the organiser:
There is a public carpark very nearby, just a 2 min walk. Unsure if it's just for 2 hours though. Also town centre parking in a multi storey, that's about 5 mins walk away. And parking next to the Hillcrest Centre (Bay Vue Road) 8 min walk. Plus on street parking if lucky in Meeching Road, South Street, Fort Rd etc all very near by.

If you are thinking of coming on the train it is an easy walk from the Newhaven Town station too though there may be some works on the lines so good to check first!

Full details/arrangements have been sent attendees via email. If you are not signed up for the performance, drop us an email and come along.

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Littlehampton Waterfront feedback

The following email has been received in response to our performances at Littlehampton Waterfront Festival.

Just want to say how great the shanties sounded at Littlehampton yesterday. It was quite strange being a spectator and not a singer, but we enjoyed the chance to listen from "out front". Congrats to everyone. The singing really captured the character of the different shanties, sung with such energy or emotion depending on the subject, and we  could hear every word in spite of all the bustle and noise going on around us! Brilliant.

A big thanks indeed, well done all of you for you Stirling efforts on Sunday - Emily & Dave

Friday, 16 August 2019

Arundel - Change to Timing

Change to Performance Timing

Please note that the performance timing has changed slightly. We will now commence our performance at 12:30 instead of the original time of 12:45, however it will still finish at 3:15. Can all please ensure that your are in the Jubilee Gardens 10 minutes prior to the commencement of the set. Sorry for any inconvenience.