Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Shanty Concert 25th January

If you are unable to make tonight's practice but intend to support Saturday's concert can you please aim to be at the church at 11am. This will enable to walk through the schedule and meet the other singers. You should all be receiving an email containing all details with 24 hours. Thanks

Thursday, 9 January 2020

Joint Shanty Concert - 25th Jan 2020

Our most excellent Shanty concert fundraiser event is coming up this month in Shoreham. The concert will be supported by singing from the Wellington Wailers, Duck Pond Sailors and the Secret Shore Singers (yes that means YOU !!)

The concert is free and there will be a collection afterwards for Ollys Future https://ollysfuture.org.uk/ and the RNLI https://rnli.org/

The formal part of the proceedings will be between 11:30 and 1pm (approx.) at St Mary de Haura Church. This will then be followed by an singing session at the Duke of Wellington Pub between 1:30pm(ish) and 3:45pm. The end time is constrained by a Jazz band scheduled to commence at 4pm.

We have access to the church from 10 for setting up and warming up so feel free to arrive any time from then but by 11 at the latest.

The concert will run like this:

11.30 - intro from The Wellington Wailers
11.35 - First set from Welly Wailers - 4 songs
11.50 - First set from Secret Shore - 4 songs
12.05 - First set from Duck Pond Sailors - 4 songs

12.20 - Interval for tea and cake kindly provided by the church, and an opportunity to find out about Olly's Future and the RNLI. Hopefully we will have info tables in the church for both charities for people to look at. 

12.35ish - Second set from Welly Wailers - 3 songs
12.47 - Second set from Secret Shore - 3 songs
1.00 - Second set from Duck Ponders - 3 songs
1.10ish - Final shared song - Haul Away Joe. Welly Wailers will solo the first verse, a Secret Shore singer the second verse, a Duck Ponder the third and a Welly Wailer the 4th.
End !!

We can be in the church til 2 so that leaves plenty of time for clearing out.

After the concert there is an open invitation to all singers to continue their singing in the Duke of Wellington pub in Shoreham, BN43 6RE.

Sunday, 22 December 2019

December Shanty Session Report
As I was away for this session I asked for a member of the group to write this month session report. Many thanks to Leigh.

Chris Hare came along for the evening which was a nice surprise.  He talked to us about he song he has recently learnt which has many verses. He sang a few of them for us 'Goodbye, Fare Thee Well'.

Emily taught us a new round 'To Portsmouth!' from Ravenscroft's Pammelia 1609

To Portsmouth, to Portsmouth, it is a gallant town!

And there we will have a quart of wine,

With a nutmeg brown diddle down.

The gallant ship the Mermaid, the Lion hanging stout,

Will make us to spend there our sixteen pence all out!

 I passed round the marlinspike for everyone to hold. It is surprisingly heavy and would be handy for repelling all boarders as well as splicing rope. I waved it aloft at the appropriate moment of the chorus when we sang Old Fid.

 As we are so near to Christmas the evening ended with some carols  - Sweet Chiming Bells, Pentonville and Hark the Herald. As we had sung our two different versions of While Shepherds Watched, I suggested we also sang the "On Ilkla Moor Baht 'at" version. To our surprise Emily had never heard of 'On Ilkley Moor' - she must be too young! - so we sang a her a bit of that too and the evening ended in jollity and disarray.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019

Saturday 25th January 2020

This unique event at the wonderful St Mary de Haura Church in Shoreham-by-Sea, with its great acoustics, showcases three key Sea Shanty Groups from West Sussex, seen for the first time at the same venue. Admission is free! The performers are: The Secret Shore Singers, The Duck Pond Sailors, and The Wellington Wailers! The event is not only an opportunity to raise your voices and raise the roof of this iconic building, it also provides an opportunity to collect for two very fine and worthy charities: ‘Olly’s Future’, A charity supporting suicide prevention initiatives and training and The R N L I Lifeboats! There is also a ‘possibility’ that more informal singing may ‘breakout’ after the formal event, as the groups take refreshment in one or two of the fine hostelries in Shoreham-by-Sea!

Friday, 6 December 2019

2020 Shanty Session Dates

First two of 2020 Shanty Sessions programmed into the diary. January is on 21st and February is on the 11th. Dates added to the diary. Both sessions are at the Ye Olde House at Home commencing at 8pm.

Monday, 2 December 2019

Portsmouth Dockyard Victorian Christmas Festival

Portsmouth Dockyard Victorian Christmas Festival 30th November
A great day out at Portsmouth Victorian Christmas for Secret Shore Singers. The day was bright and chilly but it did not let the singing spirits drop. 3 performances took place onboard HMS Warrior in the Rope Deck from 11:15 to 14:20 with intervals between to ensure the festive spirit happening around the Dockyard. The final set of the day took place in the Queen Victoria Pub; a pop up pub is the shadows of HMS Victory. A quick adjustment on the selection of songs to ensure the large audience(150+) could lose themselves in the wonderful sound coming from the stage. A great day out enjoyed by singers and punters alike.